Acorns (3 - 18 months)


We are registered to take up to nine 3-18 month olds in our baby room, which we cap at six, with a staffing ratio of 1:3. This room offers plenty of floor space for the children to have access to toys and a messy activity area. The sleep room is attached to the main playroom, where each child has their own cot and bedding.

The Acorn room has its own garden play area, with access to push-along and ride-on toys, sand, water, climbing frame and a swing. Outside play is part of the Acorns' day so parents are encouraged to provide suitable clothing for these activities, allowing us to make the most of the fresh air and outdoor resources.

Parents have the choice to let their child sleep outside in a pram if they wish.

The daily routine follows the child’s individual needs, such as their feeding and sleeping patterns. We will provide alternatives to our set menu for babies who are going through the weaning stages; this is something that can be discussed with staff when the time arrives. 

Every child has their own book, showing how much they have eaten throughout the day, their sleep times, nappy changes and information on what they have been doing.

Nappies and Baby Milk

We ask parents to provide their preferred nappies, wipes and creams for nappy changes and enough of your own breast or bottle feeds in powder form for your child’s day. These are then labelled with your child’s name and stored in the fridge.

The Acorns' room

The Acorns' room