Oak Trees (Pre-school room)


Within Oak Trees we can take up to 16 children at 3 year old’s with two members of staff, with a ratio of 1:8. We move children through before their third birthday, normally around 2 years 11 months, sometimes earlier and we maintain a 1:4 ratio for the youngest children in the group.

The children have access to fine manipulative, messy play, sand, water and construction activities, along with cooking, art and craft activities. A resources area (the 'Steps Room') is used for small groups and more focused activities away from the main play area.

The Oak Trees free flow from inside to outside in a secure play area that offers a mixture of equipment to help develop the seven areas of The Early Years Foundation Stage.


If children in Oak Trees still require a sleep they can go into Little Oaks on a sleep mat. This allows them to have an undisturbed sleep away from the main play room.

The Oak Trees' room

The Oak Trees' room