We have a cook who prepares all nursery meals freshly on site. For the last 16 years we have always been awarded the 5-star food hygiene rating.  

Meal times are:

  • 08:00 - 08:45    Breakfast of cereal and toast
  • 10:00                  Mid-morning snack of fruit, vegetables and milk or water
  • 11:45                   Lunch
  • 16:00                 High tea

We provide alternative meals for those children who have a medical condition, such as a dairy intolerance, and for children unable to eat certain foods due to parental wishes or religious beliefs.

The menus are rotated on a four-weekly basis and we have a winter and summer menu.


Every child has a Learning Journal which parents have full access to, this enables the parents to see their progress and the key person is responsible for updating these files. We offer parents meeting twice a year, but you can also request a meeting at any time with your child’s key person. 

Planning is displayed in every room on a notice board where parents may add comments about their child’s current interests at home so we can reflect them in our activities at nursery. 


If you are unable to collect your child and have to send another adult, it is your responsibility to inform a member of the team or phone the nursery giving us details of the person collecting and a password. If verbal notice has not been given, the staff will not allow your child to leave nursery premises until we have made the appropriate checks with parents / carers by phone.


A booklet is given to parents which contains a few of our key health related policies, NHS information on febrile convulsions, head lice and the Health Protection Agency Guidance on Infection Control for your information and future reference during your time at the nursery.

Our key objective is to ensure your child’s wellbeing whilst at Welsh Lane. We care for a vulnerable age range that can be susceptible to new illnesses during their early years.

Whilst we are aware of parent’s work commitments there will be occasions when we need to contact you, because your child is unwell, to collect him/her.

Late Collection

All parents are responsible for ensuring that their child is collected from the nursery at the appointed time. We do operate a late collection policy whereby following the relevant end of session time (i.e. 1pm or 6pm) an overtime charge will be levied. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.


The first month’s fees will be collected by BACS transfer, thereafter payment is made wholly by Direct Debit or by a mixture of Direct Debit, Childcare Vouchers and we will offer the 30 hours of free childcare to eligible parents and Tax Free Childcare. Our annual fee increase occurs every July.

Photography Credit

A number of the photographs featured on this site were taken by Paula Jayne Photography and are used with Paula's kind permission.